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Founded in 2004, Navicosoft is a VPS merchant headquartered in Pakistan and is an experienced hosting service provider. Provide dedicated servers, cloud servers, VPS, etc., supporting windows and Linux systems.

It has many data centers covering more than 100 countries or cities in Africa, Asia, Middle East, Europe, North America, Oceania, South America, etc. It also has many less popular data centers.

VPS Hosting: 1 vCore CPU, 512 MB RAM, 10GB Disk Space, 1Gbps @ 500GB Bandwidth, 1 IP, start at $5.81/month.

The QR code and address of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash are provided during settlement for payment.

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Bitcoin VPS on Navicosoft
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Navicosoft VPS provider accepts Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies payments, offers Windows and Linux VPS servers, and the VPS provider offers VPS hosting in multiple countries.

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